House Painters Ajax, ON

When you are sitting on the couch, starting out the window, or glancing over near the table, you may notice that your home is not as bright as it once felt. This is likely due to outdated paint. Or in other cases, you may be moving into a new home and you want to truly create the space as your own. Therefore, you are going to want to have the walls painted. No matter what your circumstances are, you are going to want to trust Ajax House Painters for your home painting and commercial painting needs.
We are the leading interior and exterior painting experts that can transform your property into a beautiful space. We know that a paintjob can dramatically impact your space, and we know that we are the team that can get it done the best way while also providing the best price.

About Us

Over the years we have expanded our team and the number of fleet vehicles that we have. We are able to reach households and commercial properties throughout Ajax. We know that in order for you to get the best service possible, we need to be friendly, and we also need to bring our best game to the table. With this in mind, we know you are going to be blown away by our outstanding customer service.



    Our Services

    Our services are crafted with you in mind. No matter what painting job that we do for you, we are able to get the job done by exercising fine craftsmanship, and also by working with a dedication to precision. We know that painting is both a trade and an art, and luckily our team of professionals have mastered the fine balance between these two elements.

    Interior Painting

    Interior painting can be a fun thing to do with the family, but oftentimes it takes up a lot of your time. We know that your time and energy is precious, so let our team of experts come and take care of your interior painting projects. Our affordable prices and friendly staff members are going to make this small painting investment totally worth it!

    Exterior Painting

    Exterior painting just got a whole lot simpler because of our affordable rates here at Ajax House Painters. Not to mention, we are able to get the job done in an efficient time frame. Also, we will be able to provide additional topcoats along with high-quality paint. This way, you are going to be able to enjoy your paint without it fading for a longer period of time.

    Commercial Painting

    Commercial painting experts are important in providing a service that is going to reflect your brand. Not to mention, the paint job on the interior and the exterior of your commercial property demonstrates that high quality work that your organization always strives to accomplish. Do not settle for anyone less than the best for your commercial project! That is why you should call us here at Ajax House Painters.

    “I was so impressed with their professionalism that I decided I would also hire this painting company as my wallpaper removers and bathroom painters. I knew all of this home painting and exterior painting services would take a lot of time, however these painting contractors provided extraordinary painting services in nearly no time at all! Not to mention, when residential painters were at my home, I hardly even noticed them. Thanks for being the best!” – Polly K.

    “They came by for all of my drywall repair and interior painting needs, including cabinet painting. I know that if I ever need house painters or touch up painters for my home painting in Ajax, I am going to trust Ajax House Painters.” – Todd R.

    “When I finally called the interior painting experts at Ajax House Painters, I knew they were the house painting interior experts and house painting exterior team that I could trust for the best possible value. They were the best painters I could have hoped for in order to complete my residential painting job. They were friendly, punctual, and skillful. Exactly what I needed to transform my home!” – Barbara G

    Cabinet Painting

    When you want to transform your interior space, you do not need to waste tons of money on purchasing entirely new cabinets. Instead, you can call us here at Ajax House Painters, and we can come by and provide outstanding kitchen cabinet painting services. We know that our painting experts can provide the cabinet facelift that you have been hoping for.

    Wallpaper Removal

    Wallpaper removal can be difficult, especially if you are trying to remove wallpaper in your home that has been on the walls for decades. You do not need to worry about trying to figure out how to get the wallpaper down without damaging the walls. Instead, call us here at Ajax House Painters. We can come by in no time and get everything looking as good as new for you!

    Drywall Repair

    Drywall repair is not going to be an easy task that you can tackle on your own, so that is why the team here at Ajax House Painters is happy to provide affordable prices for this service. Not to mention, we can be the painter for house and interior needs for you as well. We know that you are going to want to have a nice-looking wall after the drywall repair, and we are able to paint that into creation for you!

    Call Us Today

    Getting in contact with us here at Ajax House Painters to discuss house painting costs and your exterior or interior painting needs is going to be a breeze! Our team of friendly professionals are always prepared to provide insightful information about all of the services that we offer. Not to mention, we are the team of experts that can come by for a consultation regarding your need for a painter Ajax. We have outstanding painters for home and commercial projects, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations soon!